A One Stop Solution for all Your Timber Flooring Needs

Cottage Timber Floors supply many timbers to meet specific budgets and individual taste. Whether you prefer the look of new floorboards or perhaps a more rustic style, Cottage Timber Floors can meet your needs.

Timber Flooring Installation

Professional Installation is offered and in some instances a moisture barrier may be required especially in new homes where the concrete is still curing. Different installation methods are available from direct stick to concrete to plank-on-ply and these different methods can be discussed with the client to ensure a successful outcome.

Floor Sanding

A full floor sanding service is available and Cottage Timber Floors only use and recommend water based finishes which are non toxic and environmentally friendly. Many people today are concerned with their health and their families’ health and show a concern for the environment. Water based finishes are becoming increasingly popular due to their health benefits and offer a more natural look to a finished floor. Cottage Timber Floors use modern equipment for floor sanding but due to the nature of the work a small amount of dust is evident. There is no such thing as a dust free floor sanding machine.

Timber Beading & Skirting

We offer the supply and installation of beading or skirting to cover the expansion gap required when installing the floor.

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Repairs & Maintenence

We offer repairs to existing floors and also insurance quotations that may be required. It is extremely difficult at times to match in new boards with an existing floor and this should be taken into account when making repairs.

Some customers, especially commercial clients require an on-going maintenance programme to protect and enhance the look of their timber floor. Cottage Timber Floors offer an annual maintenance programme to re-coat an existing floor. A floor that has been previously coated can be re-coated with minimal disruption and cost as a very light sand is only required prior to re-coating the floor.

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